Tronix International

Social Media Platform for:

  • International Barter.

  • Trade or skills exchange.

  • Community development.

  • Project Development.

  • International Business/ Partnerships.

  • Marketing On a Global Scale.

  • Socializing and Interacting with others of like mind.


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Social Media is taking over the Internet and the world.

This is the future of connecting with other individuals and producing together. We no longer have to sit in a work space or cubical to get things done. We can now connect with others on line, share ideas, learn and grow together.

International Trade, Work, Barter.

Spend an Hour – Earn an Hour 


International work, trade, or barter, has not been fair in the a past and has discriminated against certain people depending on where they were born. 


Tronix International Values everyone equally and provides its own value system based on time.  Everyone in the world  has 24 hours in a day and they choose how to spend it. 

International Token Interken (IKN)

IKN representing human energy hours – There are roughly 5 billion people connected daily online.  IKN supply is pegged 1:1 to human energy spent connected.

(IKN) is used for fair barter. Because it is based on time, there is no inherit discrimination or privilege.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.


Tronix International Market allows members to trade items or skills and services with other members freely, without borders or third party control. 
Members trade on their own terms and Tronix International never takes a percentage.

Interken User Dashboard

Interken users list skills and services they provide on Tronix International.  The Interken Dashboard will allow users to see what jobs/ projects are available and they will be able to bid on listed jobs and projects or list their own.

Once the job or project is assigned, users will receive a confirmation and details off the assignment.  Details will be broken down into tasks that take about 1 hours each.  As tasks are fullfilled the job/project percentage will fill to completion.

Once completed the tasks will be confirmed and Interken will be transferred into the users account. One Interken for Each Hour Spent earning the Participating user time for their projects and tasks as well.

Road Map

Q4 2018 – Social Media Platform Launch
Q4 2018 – Tronix International Market Launch

Q1 2019 – Jobs and Resumes Platform Development
Q1 2019 – Projects Platform Development

Q2 2019 – Jobs and Resumes Platform Beta Testing
Q2 2019 – Projects Platform Beta Testing

Q3 2019 – Jobs and Resumes Platform Launch
Q3 2019 – Projects Platform Launch

Q4 2019 – Interken User Dashboard Development
Q4 2019 – User Dashboard for IKN Watch Development and Prototyping

Q1 2020 – Interken Watch Development and Prototyping