Tronix International

Social Media Platform Connecting Users World Wide.

  • Connect with other members, collaborate, educate, build relationships and partnerships.
  • Create or join groups; find like minded individuals, promote ideas, projects, products, ideas and more.  
  • Barter Goods or Services with anyone worldwide in a matter of seconds thanks to the Tron Network in the Tronix International Market.

Tron Representative

Tronix International is a TRON REPRESENTATIVE empowering the TRON NETWORK. 

Representative – Tronix International Representative.


Sign into Tron wallet – Freeze Tron for 3 Days
Click on Representatives – Submit Votes for Tronix International

Obtain Bandwidth for Freezing Tron

Interken (IKN)

Interken (international token), is a token on the TRON BLOCKCHAIN.

IKN representing human energy hours – There are roughly 5 billion people connected daily online.  IKN supply is pegged 1:1 to human energy spent connected.

(IKN) is used for fair barter. Because it is based on time there is no inherit discrimination or privilege, everyone has 24 hours in a day.  

How will you spend or earn Interken (IKN)?

Interken can be attained on all tron wallets – Interken Token Link